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Call for papers

Ryazan State University

Chair of Foreign Languages, Department of History and International Relations

on 21-22 May 2012
hold the 7th Annual International Conference

Language and Communication through Culture

The conference is dedicated to problems of Germanic and Romance languages, general linguistics, discourse linguistics, language pragmatics, cognitive linguistics, language style/register, translation theory, methodology of teaching foreign languages/ESL, general pedagogy, cross-cultural communication and interaction.
The official languages of the conference are Russian and English. Papers are accepted and published in the conference proceedings in either of these languages.

We welcome you to the conference. We can also invite you on the "publish or perish" principle. We are all of us students and professors and cannot find much time for long trips, so we see it as our aim to provide you with a possibility to publish. We'll send you your paper copy of the proceedings volume after the conference. At present the publication and postage is free of charge. The sooner we receive your application form and the paper, the better, - we cannot accomodate an unlimited number of papers.

Please submit:
Application form;
• Paper/ thesis/ article on one of the aforementioned problems
• A short summary (100-150 words) in English
• A list of key words (3-10)
Deadline for submitting your papers is April 15, 2012.

Paper requirements
1. Your paper must not be previously published
2. Submit your paper in an e-form via Internet (
3. The article must be a *doc or *.rtf file for Windows
4. Page is A4 size, portrait orientation
5. A standard page is 1800 characters
6. Reference list, if there is, is in the alphabetic order. The list is at the end of the paper. Form of the endnote: [9. P. 180-182], "9" - number of the referred source from the reference list, "P" - capital for “page”, "180-182" - the quoted pages from the source.

7. The full paper must not exceed 15 pages.

Use as few emphatic formatting (such as bold, italics, underline) as possible, avoid unnecessary tables, diagrams and pictures. Do not use any indents for the first line of each paragraph; subheadings within chapters are also to be avoided. Do not number your pages. Use only endnotes, not footnotes.

Besides the plennary meeting, there will be four sections this year:

- Issues of Translation and Interpreting: Theory and Practice. Modern Paradigms.

- Pedagogy and ESL Issues

- Cross-cultural Communication

- Gognitive and Traditional Research of Discourse

To submit your application form and paper contact Sergey Lobanov, Ph.D., Editor-in-chief at (only for paper and application submission, NOT for invitation and VISA questions)

For further information contact Svetlana Bulayeva, Ph.D., Project Manager  at and at (work) 8-4912-280-445 or (mobile/cell) 8-906-541-44-48 (invitations questions)